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E3 may be dead and buried but there is still plenty to look forward to this summer...

On Friday, June 7 @SummerGameFest streams live from @youtubetheater in LA at 2p PT / 5p ET / 9p GMT.

A two hour showcase of what's next in gaming.

Sign up now at for event alerts.


Ubisoft Forward on June 10 for updates and upcoming releases!


Xbox Games Showcase will be on June 9th with a double feature. The first showcase with games from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, Activision, and Blizzard. Plus titles from partners around the world!


2K plans to reveal the next iteration in one of 2K's biggest and most beloved franchises at @SummerGameFest on Friday, June 7.



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It wouldn't be not-E3 season without a colour shaded Excel sheet of the timetable of events for different time zones.

The next game in the DOOM franchise is set to be revealed during this year's Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. The game, which has been under the codename/placeholder title 'Year Zero' is understood to have the final name 'DOOM: The Dark Ages' and has been in development for at least four years.
Here's all the big news from this year's Summer Game Fest show

Most of the big reveals were instead confirmation of previous leaks, such as Lego Horizon Adventures (although the fact it's also coming to Nintendo Switch was a genuine surprise).

Civilization 7, New World: Aeternum and Sonic X Shadow Generations all confirmed previous leaks, while Remedy had all but confirmed that Alan Wake 2's DLC was going to be there ahead of time.

Still, there were still some surprises to be had, including Digital Eclipse's retro-style Power Rangers beat 'em up and the arrival of horror film company Blumhouse, which launched its Blumhouse Games arm with no fewer than six game announcements.

The show was then followed by Day of the Devs, an indie presentation showing off 21 interesting games from around the world, and after that came the latest comedy presentation from Devolver Digital.

Lego Horizon Adventures has been officially confirmed for PS5, Switch and PC

The game is a Lego-themed spin-off of the Horizon series of games, which consists of Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West and the VR title Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Co-developed by Guerrilla Games and Studio Gobo, it will be released on PS5, Switch and PC, and will be released in holiday 2024.

The game can be played solo or in co-op, either locally or online.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions dated and confirmed for PlayStation Plus day one

The competitive multiplayer game received a new trailer at the Summer Game Fest showcase on Friday, when it was also confirmed that the title will be available via PlayStation Plus on day one.

It will be released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

According to an FAQ on the game's website, it's "a complete, standalone Quidditch experience" that "engages players in the sport of Quidditch and other broomstick adventures alongside friends in a competitive, multiplayer setting".

The game will let users create and customise their own Quidditch players. It will require an internet connection, whether playing solo or as a team online.

Civilization VII has officially been announced for 2025

The seventh game in the Civilization series has officially been announced.

"Rule as one of many legendary leaders from throughout history. Establish your civilization, construct cities and architectural wonders to expand your territory, conquer or cooperate with rival civilizations in pursuit of prosperity, and explore the far reaches of the unknown world. Will you build an empire that stands the test of time?

"Sid Meier's Civilization VII is a 4X strategy game developed by the legendary team at Firaxis Games, developers of the Civilization and XCOM franchises."

Civilization VII will be released in 2025, and will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

The series' creator Sid Meier made an appearance during the Summer Game Fest showcase to confirm that the game would be released on PC and consoles on the same day.

New Batman: Arkham Shadow story trailer confirms fall 2024 release

"Evil stalks the streets. Gotham City is in danger. And you're the only one who can save it," reads an official description of the game.

It's the Fourth of July, and Gotham City is besieged by a new threat: the mysterious Rat King and his cultish devotees. Public officials have been abducted, including Batman associates Commissioner Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent. The Rats have pledged to execute them in one week's time for "crimes committed against the people of Gotham City."As widespread rioting engulfs the city, Batman races to prevent this so-called "Day of Wrath," but it all goes wrong. Batman: Arkham Shadow is set between the events of Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Asylum, and features the origins of iconic characters like The Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and more, as Batman grapples with the contradiction at the core of his identity—the use of force in pursuit of peace.

This is the second VR game to feature the Batman: Arkham name, after Batman: Arkham VR, which was released alongside the original PlayStation VR headset.
Star Wars Outlaws gets a brief gameplay teaser, with more to come at Ubisoft Forward

A short gameplayer teaser for Star Wars Outlaws has been released.

The teaser was aired during the Summer Game Fest presentation, and showed 45 seconds of gameplay.

Ubisoft will show a more extended gameplay demo of the game during its Ubisoft Forward presentation on Monday.

Atlus shows new Metaphor: ReFantazio trailer at Summer Game Fest

Director Katsura Hashino and artist Shigenori Soejima, famed for their work on the Persona franchise, took to the stage of the event to shed more details on the medieval fantasy Persona-like RPG from Sega and Atlus.

The trailer shed further light on core turn-based combat mechanics, characters, social elements, and the jobs they inhabit when transforming into their magic-imbued alter egos.

It also re-confirmed the October 11, 2024 release date, with the title set to land on Xbox Series consoles and PC.

Alan Wake 2 gets Night Springs DLC on June 8 and a physical release this fall

Remedy's creative director Sam Lake appeared on stage to introduce the DLC, which he said contains three episodes featuring three fan favourite playable characters.

"The first expansion for Alan Wake 2 brings three new episodes featuring some familiar characters as they experience the unexplainable," reads a description accompanying the new Night Springs trailer. "While similar to previously known characters, they are different—Night Springs versions of themselves.

"Become the Time Breaker, manipulating time to rewrite your destiny. Embrace the cosmic mysteries as the North Star and unravel secrets that defy reason. Or channel your inner obsession as the Number One Fan, fighting the shadows in pursuit of truth and love."

Sonic X Shadow Generations gets an official release date, PlayStation exclusive content

The game will be released on October 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The publisher also confirmed that the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game will include exclusive "Extended Prologue Animations with deleted scenes".

Sonic X Shadow Generations is an updated version of the 2011 platformer Sonic Generations.

The original game sees Sonic and friends teaming up with their past selves, with the game playing out across two styles of gameplay: 'classic', which is mostly side-scrolling, and 'modern', which features 3D levels.

The new version will feature a "complete remaster" of Sonic Generations, with "upgraded visuals and new bonus content", as well as new content featuring Shadow.
Monster Hunter Wilds gets its second story trailer

A second story trailer has been released for Monster Hunter Wilds.

The trailer, titled The Hunter's Journey, sheds more light on the game's plot.

The game's first gameplay trailer was shown during last week's PlayStation State of Play presentation.

Monster Hunter Wilds will be released in 2025.

Valorant is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this year

Riot Games has announced plans to release tactical multiplayer FPS Valorant for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Players can register now to participate in a closed beta test that will begin on June 14, ahead of the game's console release later this year.

The free-to-play, 5v5 character-based shooter originally released for PC in June 2020.

Black Myth: Wukong has been delayed for Xbox Series X/S

Chinese developer and publisher Game Science has delayed the Xbox Series X/S version of Black Myth: Wukong.

"We are currently optimizing the Xbox Series X|S version to meet our quality standards, so it won't release simultaneously with the other platforms," the company said on Friday.

"We apologize for the delay and aim to minimize the wait for Xbox users. We will announce the release date as soon as it meets our quality standards."

The news was announced alongside the opening of pre-orders for the PS5 and PC versions of the action RPG, which will be released on August 20, 2024, as previously announced.

"Black Myth: Wukong combines rich storytelling with stunning visuals and a unique take on the action RPG formula," according to the company.

"Players will explore a fascinating realm filled with the wonders and discoveries of ancient Chinese mythology, breathtaking landscapes, and a diverse cast of memorable characters based on the acclaimed novel Journey to the West.

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Palworld to add a new island, PvP arena mode and more this month

Pocketpair has announced plans to launch a major Palworld expansion this month.

Arriving in the form of the Sakurajima update on June 27, it will introduce a new island for players to explore, plus new Pals and subspecies.

It will also add dedicated servers on Xbox, new buildings, a new level cap, a new raid, an oil rig stronghold, and a PvP arena mode.

"There will be an opportunity to try out the new Sakurajima update before its release on June 27," according to the description accompanying the new trailer at the top of this page.
Anger Foot is back with a release date and a trailer

Nearly two years on from its initial announcement, we finally have a release date for Anger Foot, the latest title from the wacky squad at Free Lives. The shooter reemerged during Devolver Digital's annual showcase.

The game arrives July 11, though only on PC.

The designer of Dead Cells is back with Tenjutsu, a killer new rogue-lite brawler

Tenjutsu is one of the more impressive reveals at Summer Game Fest this year, and certainly the highlight of the Devolver Direct. Tenjutsu is the new game from Sebastien Benard, the former designer and director of Dead Cells.

Benard set off on his own under the Deepnight Games banner, and his new game was born from a game jam.

Tenjutsu's look and general flow should be immediately familiar to fans of Dead Cells, albeit from a different perspective. This is a top-down rogue-lite brawler with a heavy emphasis on martial arts and kung fu.

You play as a former yakuza who went wrong and is hellbent on taking down the powerful crime families ruling the city. There are four of them, and you're going to need to take them all down - though you can do so in any order. Tenjutsu has a fluid martial arts combat system that also incorporates a range of weapons, and, in true rogue-lite fashion, a wealth of upgrades and new fighting techniques.

In a clever twist, too, the longer you take to gear up and prepare, the stronger enemies will become.

The First Descendant is Nexon's free-to-play loot shooter, and it arrives July 2

The First Descendant is the free-to-play, third-person loot shooter from Nexon, effectively its answer to Destiny. The game has been in development for a little while now, and players event got to try it out as part of various beta tests.

During Summer Game Fest's opening ceremony, we got treated to a fresh new trailer for the co-op shooter, which finally confirmed a release date. The First Descendant arrives July 2 on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 gets a brand-new trailer

In this trailer we get a taste of the story, as well as some good ol' fashioned violence and humour too. It looks to be a pretty faithful and ramped up sequel to the original game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2's story takes place following the events of the first game, with protagonist Henry of Skalitz returning. Henry's tale is set against the backdrop of a civil war ravaging 15th Centry Bohemia.

The sequel is orders of magnitude larger than the original game, with a larger world map, deeper RPG systems, and more freedom of choice in classes and specialisations - all without compromising the series' realistic take on combat and world design.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 comes from a much larger Warhorse team, having expanded its talent in the years since the original's release. The game is currently in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S using an updated version of the CryEngine. It's set for release later this year.