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  1. Andy


    Being drinkers of the good stuff, you should already be aware of CAMRA and are hopefully members - if not, why not? 😲 It's worth it for the 50p vouchers and reduced price entry to beer festivals alone! Does your local offer any additional discounts? Mine does a further 20p off (with or without...
  2. Bandit

    What Beer Did You Drink Last Night?

    As the title says, what did you drink last night? I had a delicious easy drinking DDH Micro Pale Ale called Rift Valley from FourPure Brewery last night it was so damn tasty.
  3. Tom


    Does anyone on here use this app? Seems to be a good way of keeping track of beers you’ve tried so you remember what’s good and what isn’t. https://untappd.com/
  4. Tom

    What Beer Are You Drinking This Week?

    What beer are we drinking this week? (or other alcoholic drink). I think I've drank more since lockdown began than the rest of my life put together. I have one can of beer a night, occasionally more, and like to try something new when I can. Tonight I had Nebula - Hazy IPA by Wild Beer Co. The...