1. Tom

    Covid-19 Vaccination - Will You Take It?

    The UK is in the midst of the second wave of a new infectious strain of Covid-19 but with multiple vaccines now certified, the vaccination programme is now underway to combat it. However, there are people who think the vaccines haven't been tested enough and are worried about having one. Do...
  2. Jess

    How's Your Mental Health Been During Covid?

    Got to admit things have been ok up till the last few weeks but things are starting to get me down. Not having any contact apart from social media/technology with my friends or family, not able to meet in pubs or cafes for a get-together and have some general chat because of the current...
  3. Bandit


    Social distancing rules and post-lockdown attitudes have changed pubs. Lots will disappear in the next 6 months. And I'm not missing them at all. Weird really as during lockdown I really wanted to be in the pub!
  4. Bandit

    Football and the Coronavirus

    Football, like everything else, has been deeply affected by the covid-19 pandemic with leagues all around the world being postponed and in some cases the current season being abandoned but now leagues are beginning to restart with matches played behind closed doors. The English Premier League...
  5. Jess

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    The world has changed and probably won't return to the previous "normal" for a long time, if ever. I was just reading an article about the test and trace programme, and how it could be in place for 2 years and anytime you come into contact with someone with COVID you’ve to isolate for 14 days...