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  1. Sad Professor

    Black or White Pudding?

    I absolutely love pudding. It's a fine accompaniment to any meal or a meal in itself. But Mrs Sad Professor asked me which did I prefer last night (we had egg, chip, black and white pudding and some beans for dinner). I hesitated and said I wasn't sure. Then drops this statement - "They taste...
  2. Gemma

    Favourite National Cuisines

    I'd have to pick Italian as my favourite, I love eating pasta and could quite happily live on pasta dishes all week if I had to! If I'm going out to a restaurant it will usually be an Italian one or a Chinese one. Chinese is probably my second favourite cuisine, I love going to Chinese...
  3. C

    What Foods Can't You Eat?

    What can't you eat? Because you can't stand it! 🤢 It can be circumstances under which you can't eat something, or just stuff you can't keep down, or can't even put in your mouth. I can't eat stuff off of the bone. If I have chicken it has to be breast, I can't eat chicken wings or legs. I...