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  1. Tom

    League Winners Predictions 2020-21

    New idea, based on the NFL Predictions thread. Simply predict which club will win the leagues and European trophies. English Premiership: EPL Top Goalscorer: English Championship: Scottish Premier League: French Ligue 1: Spanish La Liga: German Bundesliga: Italian Serie A: Champions...
  2. Dylan

    Premier League 2020-21 Discussion Thread

    Last season only finished a few weeks ago but we are already less than a month away, kicking off the new season on September 12th. Let's have your news, views and discussions on the Premier League 2020-21 season. Four new bets set up in the Sportsbook (I've added them to the first post in this...
  3. Geezer

    Is Winning the Champions League This Year Devalued?

    Four second legs of last 16 ties might be played in Portugal instead of the club's home ground, effectively nullifying home advantage. The quarter finals & semi-finals are set to be one-off games in Portugal. In front of empty stands presumably and all this after the leagues have ended. Will...
  4. What's Left To Play For In The Premier League?

    What's Left To Play For In The Premier League?

    What's Left To Play For In The Premier League? Subscribe to The Athletic at http://www.theathletic.com/tifofootball Subscribe: http://bit.ly/TifoSubscribe | ...
  5. Steve

    General Premier League Thread 2019-20

    The Premier League will resume on 17 June after a 100-day hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic. The fixture list, including kick-off times, for the first 32 matches after the restart has been announced. The title is almost certainly going to Anfield with Liverpool only a couple of wins...