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  1. David76

    Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Has Started

    For all those PC gamers out there, the Epic Games Store has finally begun its winter sale, with discounts across the entire site and a selection of free games, one every day for the next few days. The first big game to go free is acclaimed metropolis manager City: Skylines, with more to come...
  2. Gemma

    Halo Infinite

    Microsoft and 343 have finally shown us what Halo Infinite looks like in a new, ten minute gameplay presentation. Microsoft has something to prove next-gen and Halo Infinite could be the game to showcase what Xbox is capable of. Check it out in the gameplay video below: The trailer takes...
  3. Bandit

    General Gaming News

    Snippets of news that can be expanded upon in dedicated threads if needed.
  4. Gemma

    Steam Summer Sale 2020 Is Now Live

    Had on the heels of the Steam Game Festival we now have the Steam Summer Festival. The Steam Summer Sale 2020 is live and there are plenty of discounts available. There are plenty of discounts to be had during the Steam Summer Sale 2020 which kicked off today and runs through July 9. Along...
  5. Gemma

    Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition

    The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition has kicked off and there are plenty of demos to try. Demos are now available for various indie games through the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition which is going now through June 22. Like the previous Steam Game Festivals, it offers free demos to Steam...
  6. EA Access is officially coming to Steam this summer

    EA Access is officially coming to Steam this summer

    It was recently announced that EA Access will finally arrive on Steam this summer, with its first wave of games scheduled to introduce over 25 new titles to the PC storefront. The news comes from an official statement published on the EA blog, which provides some critical details about EA...