1. David76

    Sony Offering Refunds After Cyberpunk 2077's Buggy PS4 Launch

    After Cyberpunk 2077’s extremely buggy launch, especially so on previous-gen consoles, Sony appears to be making a rare exception and allowing refunds for the game on their consoles. The much-anticipated release from CD Projekt RED, despite all its ambition, has been marred by bugs. PC players...
  2. David76

    Playstation Boss Hints at Game Pass-style Service

    It looks like Sony may have an answer for Game Pass after all. Since its introduction, Xbox Game Pass has unquestionably become one of the biggest advantages of owning an Xbox console. Over time, the subscription service’s offering and value became harder and harder to ignore, but Sony never...
  3. David76

    Playstation Black Friday 2020 Deals

    Black Friday has officially begun on the PlayStation Network, boasting discounts of up to 70% off on selected downloads. A few of the year’s top games are in the mix: The Last of Us Part 2, DOOM Eternal. It’s a comprehensive list, though PlayStation Plus subscribers should be careful not to...
  4. David76

    Playstation 5 Media Remote

    Sony has unveiled an official PlayStation 5 media remote, which has dedicated buttons for four top streaming services: Disney+, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. PlayStation 5 will support these four services plus Twitch and Apple TV when the console launches, Sony confirmed today. The news follows...
  5. David76

    Playstation 5 UI Revealed

    Sony has released an 11-minute video on its official YouTube channel, in which the company showed the PlayStation 5 user interface for the first time. From the first seconds of the video, it becomes clear that the new generation console has a significantly redesigned interface compared to the...
  6. David76

    Sony Explains PS5 Backward Compatibility

    Sony has revealed further information on PS5 backwards compatibility via its PlayStation support website. According to the support page, an "overwhelming majority of the 4,000+ PS4 games are playable on PS5 consoles", and select PS4 games will benefit from the PS5 console's "Game Boost", which...
  7. David76

    Sony Launching A New Playstation Store This Month

    Sony is reportedly launching an overhauled PlayStation Store ahead of the PS5 launch. According to a Push Square report, Sony is getting ready to launch a new PlayStation Store experience that will be available on the web and on mobile. Though it is very slim on specifics, the report says Sony...
  8. David76

    Sony Details Playstation Trophy System Changes

    Sony is changing up the PlayStation Trophy system which will begin rolling out today. Changes to the PlayStation Trophy system are coming today, and one of the main takeaways is Sony will increase the Trophy level range from the current 1-100 to 1-999. Following the update, you will find...
  9. David76

    Free Credit To Celebrate 10 Years of Playstation Plus

    Sony has started crediting PS Plus accounts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PlayStation Plus. It looks like this started happening last night, and we have a couple of confirmed instances of this happening. The message reads, “To celebrate 10 years of PlayStation Plus, we’ve added £10.00...
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