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  1. Son Of Jack

    1990s TV Shows Redone

    Going by some of the posts on here lately this could be an interesting topic. Which TV Shows from the 1990s would you like to see being remade? For me its Seaquest DSV. I think even now there is still plenty of potential for a show on a big super-advanced...
  2. Orius


    Any one a fan of Japanese animation here? I sure am! Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gintama Nichijou Shiki Watamote
  3. Son Of Jack

    Favourite TV Show

    There are so many good TV shows out there but everyone has their own favourite. What is your favourite TV show? My all-time favourite show is The Shield. It's epic throughout and the final 4 or 5 episodes set up one of the best series finales I can ever remember seeing.
  4. Gemma

    List of New, Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows

    Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Lisbeth Salander Standalone TV Series in the Works at Amazon