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  1. Gemma

    August 2020 Xbox Update Rolling Out Now

    The new Xbox look starts rolling out today, along with the updated Guide. The August Xbox 2020 update will start rolling out today, and it includes a variety of improvements. The new Xbox look was designed to be faster, much more approachable, and “visually appealing.” This new look with be...
  2. Gemma

    Halo Infinite

    Microsoft and 343 have finally shown us what Halo Infinite looks like in a new, ten minute gameplay presentation. Microsoft has something to prove next-gen and Halo Infinite could be the game to showcase what Xbox is capable of. Check it out in the gameplay video below: The trailer takes...
  3. Xbox Owners

    Xbox Owners

    A social group for Xbox owners to discuss hardware, games, match-making and exchange gamertags