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  1. David76

    Microsoft Announces FPS Boost

    Microsoft has announced the first set of backwards compatible titles to take advantage of FPS Boost. The team at Microsoft has added enhancements to backwards compatible titles by developing FPS Boost, which employs a variety of new methods for nearly doubling the original framerate on select...
  2. David76

    How To Easily Switch Your Xbox Series X|S Controller Between Devices

    The new Xbox Series X/S controller can easily switch between the different devices you use it with. As pointed out by Microsoft’s global customer success account manager Timo Wolf, the gamepad can remember which what it has been connected to. Holding the controller’s sync button will hook it up...
  3. Customize Your Xbox Series X, Series S

    Customize Your Xbox Series X, Series S

    The Xbox Series X and Series S have many settings and features that can improve your gaming experience; you just need to know how to set everything up. Microsoft's latest consoles are more versatile than ever, with dozens of settings and features to tweak to your heart's desire. The Xbox Series...
  4. David76

    Xbox Series S/X Shortages

    Microsoft has acknowledged hardware shortages for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X may last until well into 2021. Keen gamers around the world have struggled to get their hands on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles since launch, and it looks like things aren’t going to get any easier...
  5. David76

    Xbox Series X and S Entertainment Apps Confirmed

    Microsoft has confirmed the entertainment apps available on Xbox Series X and S at launch. There are a number of apps already available on Xbox One that will be available on next-gen, as you'd expect. These include the likes of Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Spotify, Sky Go, Now TV and Amazon Prime...
  6. David76

    Microsoft Reveals 31 Games Optimized for Xbox Series X/S Launch

    Microsoft has revealed 31 titles (some brand new and some a bit older) that have been fully optimized for the Series X and Series S will be available on day one. These are the 31 Xbox Series X|S optimized games that will be available on November 10th: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Smart Delivery)...
  7. Dylan

    Xbox Hall of Fame - Win A Xbox Series X

    A new Xbox Hall of Fame competition will commence in October, offering a chance to win a number of Xbox Series X consoles based on achieving a high Gamerscore or besting challenges. With its newly-introduced Hall of Fame, you could win an Xbox Series X, a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an...
  8. Gemma

    Halo Infinite

    Microsoft and 343 have finally shown us what Halo Infinite looks like in a new, ten minute gameplay presentation. Microsoft has something to prove next-gen and Halo Infinite could be the game to showcase what Xbox is capable of. Check it out in the gameplay video below: The trailer takes...
  9. Xbox Owners

    Xbox Owners

    A social group for Xbox owners to discuss hardware, games, match-making and exchange gamertags
  10. Xbox To Showcase First-Party Games on July 23

    Xbox To Showcase First-Party Games on July 23

    Microsoft has announced that their showcase for their actual first-party games will be happening on July 23, around halfway into the demo week event they’ve also announced. The Xbox game showcase should not only feature Halo Infinite but also a large number of other games worked on by...