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14 Jan 2021
Today 8:10 AM


They had some cracking songs the first time, anything similar would be interesting.

Abba have confirmed their plans to release an entirely new album, which they recorded after reuniting to film a virtual concert titled ‘ABBA Voyage’.

It is the iconic Swedish group's first comeback since they split in 1982.

The pop group, made up of Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, announced their first album in nearly 40 years and unveiled a “revolutionary” digital concert show.

In a tweet, the Swedish pop legends said “ABBA ARE BACK with ‘Voyage’, a brand new album and revolutionary concert”.

The group recorded a 10-track album after reuniting to film the concert performance, which will feature digital versions of themselves.


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3 Sep 2020
Today 8:10 AM


The first single release from the new album. Song is entitled “I Still Have Faith In You.”

The world has been waiting for nearly four decades.

So pleased they finally decided to give it another go after all this time.



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29 Aug 2020
Today 3:10 AM


Yeah, someone on my writing forum posted a couple new videos from them. Even my parents (the last generation born before WWII) were into them and I'm a fan, especially of their later stuff (Super Trouper and The Visitors). And Benny and Bjorn's musical Chess (co-written with Tim Rice) was brilliant. When I first starting hearing rumours that they were finally reuniting, I was totally down with the idea and these first couple songs have me hopeful that this is going to be good.

This is the other new video.



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16 Jul 2020
Today 8:10 AM


The first single release from the new album. Song is entitled “I Still Have Faith In You.”

Their singing accents on that new track sound a bit more Swedish in pronunciation than their early, more neutral-sounding recordings did back in the day. Suppose they're a little out of practice after a 40 years hiatus, but I enjoy hearing that Swedish accent slipping through.
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