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6 Jun 2020
Today 7:50 AM


I'm not really sure if this belongs more in the Sports forum or elsewhere but as this has been happening recently as fans have returned to stadiums I'll place it here. It happened at the England game last week and at the Ireland game last night. Listening to the commentary it's generally describing this as outright racism from soccer supporters, but is it that simple? Others have been kinder to them describing it as push back against BLM and the like

Football has had long problems with racism but did genuinely seem to be getting on top of it up until maybe two or three years ago. Where do they go from here do you think? Football will have to castigate its own supporters or drop the knee protest. I suspect that it's the latter that will happen.


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6 Jun 2020
Today 7:50 AM


Anyone caught booing taking the knee should be issued a lifetime ban. It should be easier pick them out in a socially distanced stadium. If they've a problem with black players and colleagues fighting oppression then they'd best stay home.


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13 Feb 2021
Today 7:50 AM


I understand the likes of Wilfried Zaha deciding to stop doing it because football and society at large need more than gestures to fight racism. But in the wake of all the booing now that fans are back in stadiums, England and others are right to keep on taking the knee. After a year of doing it, they can't stop now. Not when they are actually confronting the reason they're doing it in the first place.
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