Do you plan on taking the vaccine when it’s available?

  • Yes

  • No

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Jun 6, 2020
Today 3:51 AM


The UK is in the midst of the second wave of a new infectious strain of Covid-19 but with multiple vaccines now certified, the vaccination programme is now underway to combat it.

However, there are people who think the vaccines haven't been tested enough and are worried about having one.

Do you plan on taking the vaccine when it’s available? Why or why not?


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Aug 20, 2020
Today 3:51 AM


Yes, I plan on taking the vaccine when it is available unless some hideous side effects which are actually worse than the virus are exposed in the first lot of people vaccinated.


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Aug 29, 2020
Yesterday 10:51 PM


I'd be very reluctant to have the Pfizer vaccine, but otherwise yes.

I don't trust Pfizer as a company, and their vaccine tends to have more side-effects.
The way things are going right now, I suspect I'll be offered Moderna or maybe AstroZeneca (hasn't been approved in Canada yet, but getting close). Pfizer's supply chain is a mess here. We are getting ours from Belgium even though they have a plant just a few hours from me in Michigan. Apparently the Michigan plant is only supplying the US in spite of its proximity to the border.


Nov 1, 2020
Yesterday 10:51 PM


I guess I am the odd ball and say no I'm not taking it. I personally think it was pushed to quick to the people and that the long term side effects will be much worse then they predict. I will say Johnson & Johnson has a one shot vaccine that shows the most promise.

Max Taxable

Active member
Jan 23, 2021
Yesterday 9:51 PM


Greetings from the Llano Estacado of Texas, USA. I live out in the prairie, wide open spaces all around and very low population per square mile here, and seldom have need to go to the nearest city for anything. So I will wait until the vaccines are much more commonly available before signing up to get my shot. The Metropolitan area nearest me, Amarillo, leads the US though in vaccination rate with 11 percent of the metro area's population having received their first dose of the vaccine. To me that number although it leads the nation, is alarmingly low. But then, it's early in the process too.

Which by the way I love the strategy employed in these vaccines. It's not a Salk-type model. As I have come to understand it, we're introducing an antagonist to the protein this virus and really all SARS viruses, use to attach themselves to our cells. Once you have both doses your cells are protected from it latching on. Prevents the illness associated with it. Keeps us from having to have a different vaccine for each variant that comes out, like we have with flu.

We achieve herd immunity via exposure, which this does not prevent at all. We build antibodies to the virus the natural way. Which means, yes we can still catch carry and spread this virus, at least until it dies in our system. Can't reproduce or even incubate if it can't latch onto our cells. This is also the reason we were able to produce this in record time vs. the Salk way. It's genius.

The Salk model was to make the vaccine out of samples of the dead virus. This was a breakthrough, previously all we had was giving you the live virus in a small dose, so you would then build up immunity to it without actually catching the disease. (Hopefully) Salk's method ensured you could not get the disease period, once you built up immunity. But his method was tricky, and took months to make and years to test.

This stuff today - we found a protein the virus uses to infiltrate our cells and incubate and multiply. Once this happens the virus makes us sick and can kill. We introduce an antagonist to that protein and make your body produce it, so that if you catch this virus it can't do much except eventually die. But while the virus is in us we have time to develop antibodies to the virus naturally and without getting sick, and become immune. So that if it gets in our bloodstream again it just gets killed outright by our immune system. Accomplishing the same thing Salk did, but without giving us any part of the virus alive or dead.

It's just a pharmaceutical we can quickly and inexpensively mass produce instead of incubating and growing a virus in eggs, killing it then injecting people with it. Takes way too long and way too costly and there's way too much margin for error. So, I'm confident in the science behind the vaccines and will have no problem rolling up my sleeve to get my shot when the time comes. Currently in Texas right now, I'm not in a classification qualified to get the shot yet anyway - being under 65 and with no chronic medical conditions.

Anyhow - I'm a xenforo guy and came to Gemma's site just to have another look around at her design work, which is fabulous as always. Really wish she would bring back that blue style she used to have though! Cheers!


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Jun 20, 2020
Today 3:51 AM


My mum, who is on the vulnerable list due to illness, went for her first jab yesterday evening. She was ill through the night - shivering but with a temperature - she's just phoned me to say she's been sick twice today and is away to her bed hopibg to feel better later or tomorrow.
Gemma commented
Hope she's feeling better soon hen. I heard of some people feeling sick, having headaches and others having really sore arms and joints (not necessarily the arm the jab went in).
Shelby commented
Thanks Gemma. She's the same when she gets the flu jab. Knocks her out of sync for a few days.
Legion commented
My old man was the same @Shelby.

Most people I've talked to who have received their vaccine have felt "off", so it sounds like there is some sort of reaction


Jan 25, 2021
Today 3:51 AM


I'll get the vaccine when my time comes around bug I've also heard many elderly and vulnerable people who have received their first jabs say they have felt unwell for a few days afterwards. Things like nausea, shivering, headaches and all over body pain.
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