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Jun 6, 2020
Today 12:13 PM


I keep on seeing posts popping up online about people and gangs stealing people's pet dogs. This appears to be a worldwide crime as it hit the headlines yesterday when a poor guy employed as a dog handler was shot four times when he was walking Lady Gaga's French bulldogs just to steal them. Shocking. I couldn't believe each dog was worth ten thousand pounds, although now worth significantly more as Lady Gaga has offered five hundred thousand for their return.

While I think it is despicable people are stealing other people's pets, obviously if a lot of money is involved it will happen. It's the stealing of your average dog that isn't worth a lot of money (although invaluable to the people that own them) that baffles me. Why are they doing it?


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Jun 4, 2020
Today 12:13 PM


That is quite frightening. What is society coming to when folks are scared to take their pets for a walk in fear that they are stolen - what is happening with these dogs - are they being used for breeding? Fighting? Or just sold on for a profit?


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Feb 13, 2021
Today 12:13 PM


Just reading the local paper, two dogs stolen last week from the next village to me. One was pregnant with pups and stolen from the owner's garden, the other one was 7 months old.
Both these dogs have been found.

The 7 month old husky was found in the same village it was stolen from and the pregnant dog was found over 340 miles away in MANCHESTER!!
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Gemma commented
Glad they were both recovered. Wonder how one ended up in Manchester :(


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Aug 4, 2020
Today 12:13 PM


A professional dogwalker round our way says one of her dog handlers was chatting with some dog owners and walkers and there have been instances of men approaching them (with hoods up) and "cutely" asking about their dogs - breed, age, home setup etc as if they are trying to strike up a friendly conversation.
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