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Oct 21, 2020
Today 12:28 PM


I’m looking for any advice on purchasing an iPad.

I have a laptop (an SSD Lenovo plus an external hard drive - not a Mac, I don’t need that much power or complexity). I have an iPhone. I have an iPod touch. I’ve got a Kindle paperwhite. I tell you this so you understand the full extent of my device usage and general interest/knowledge.

I suppose I want something that lies between an iPhone and my laptop and I fancy an iPad as a tablet as I’m familiar with its operation through long usage of various phones and pods and I can consequently manage files and data more easily.

I use mainly email, WhatsApp, texting, internet surfing, I do online banking, shopping, storage of photos, a little creative stuff but not much, downloading, sorting and playing music, creating playlists etc. I don’t do gaming.

I wanted something to be a little more creative with photos, fiddling about with maps for walking, holiday planning, bookings and downloads, I have loads of movies and tv stuff (saved in a hard drive and on the cloud) which I’d probably be more likely to access if it was easier than my laptop to connect with the tv screen as a monitor. I’m thinking it would be probably be easier to take an iPad whilst travelling (when that’s more possible) and there are certain things that are better to read on a tablet than a kindle such as online magazines, PDF’s etc.

I’m not willing to spend more than £400-£500 and I’m not looking for alternatives to an iPad. I don’t want to spend ages in familiarising myself with another type of device.

With each operating system update on my iPhone I’m getting more messages about lack of storage space so the convenience of apps on the phone could, I think be replaced with something more accessible like an iPad.

Any tips, pointers traps to avoid or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Jan 24, 2021
Today 12:28 PM


I use my iPad as my main computer. I have a 12.9" iPad Pro, so way over the spec you’re looking at. I create and edit 4K video on though so that’s why I went for the pro. I’d say, get the largest screen in your budget as well as the most memory.

Also you really need a USB-C version. With that you can connect external drives etc, more easily than having to far around with adaptors.

IPad now has a proper file system so you will be able to store stuff direct to the device as well as connecting to drives etc.

I store everything in the cloud but use use quite a bit of storage in unfinished videos etc.
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