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13 Feb 2021
Today 10:23 PM


Usyk definitely won that the man relentless, he was good throughout and an impressive last 3 rounds from him, very poor from Joshua couldn’t figure Usyk out at all. Expected Joshua to be given at least a draw though.


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5 Jan 2021
Today 10:23 PM


Fury KOs Wilder to win again.

Great fight. Wilder didn’t have the tank but was still dangerous until the end.

Fury is such an awkward opponent, he has the skill, the mobility, the stamina, and is happy to spoil if necessary as well. Hard to see anybody beating him.


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6 Jun 2020
Today 10:23 PM


Watched the fight and in addition to the plaudits that everyone is throwing at Fury, I'd add my own. Even with his double knockdown in the 4th, he bossed the fight from the 3rd round on.

My only real additional comment is regarding the simple fact that the fight was let go on far too long IMO.

There were multiple occasions to end that punishment for Wilder before the 11th and from the 7th on in particular. Even late on when Wilder threw a flurry towards the end of a round, he was waving hands and landing pillows rather than punches. He had no offensive power left and his reliance on the power in his right was pointless after the 6th as he was punched out.

There was zero competitive or offensive output from Wilder from the 7th on and he took far too much punishment without inflicting any.

I honestly feel that Wilder should have either been halted by his corner, the doc or the ref far before the 11th.


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16 Jul 2020
Today 10:23 PM


Fantastic fight. Wilder looked like he had a KO punch in him right until the end. Fury has ice in his veins, doesn't panic. Dropped twice in the 4th and still ground out a convincing win

Boot Cleaner

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24 Jan 2021
Today 10:23 PM


Fury is just too big for all these heavyweight guys, simple as that, he is unusual in that he is big but he is not clumsy, he can move like a middleweight and has a huge weight and height advantage, that fight last night was a case of a good big man beating a smaller man. Fury has about a 4 stone weight advantage, which is huge, even a hard-hitting middleweight would not have the same effect on a heavyweight and so even though Wilder was able to knock Fury down a few times, most of the fight it was obvious that Fury was simply too big for him.

I like Usyk but Fury will beat him easy, he is just too big.

Joshua, another easy fight, Fury is too big, too game and too good a boxer for him, plus Joshua can't take a clean shot without it affecting him, he was like a rabbit in headlights against Usyk, no chance against Fury.
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