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Jun 4, 2020
Today 10:21 AM


Couple of things annoying me today.

Firstly, I ordered a new wireless keyboard and mouse online. It was dispatched last Friday and I still haven't received it. My tracking app said it had been collected by the courier on Saturday and was on route. On Tuesday, the app updated to say they couldn't deliver it and I needed to contact the sender immediately. Did this, the sender said they would create a case file and find out what was going on and get back in touch with me within 36 hours. I'm still waiting.

Secondly, somewhat trivial but I've been reading through comments and suggestions on (our forum software) about an upcoming major software update and, to be honest, I just want to tell them all to shut the fuck up. Never seen so much pettiness. If some of these people are forum admins I dread to think what their forums are like. I honestly think most of them want the software tailored to their needs and their needs only.

What has annoyed you today?


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Jul 5, 2020
Today 10:21 AM


When you get a voicemail and the only thing thats recorded is the sound of the caller at the other end hanging up - if you're not going to leave a message then you don't need to wait until the beep before hanging up!


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Aug 29, 2020
Today 5:21 AM


Why does Mrs B insist on "locking" the lid on the laundry detergent tablets. No kids in our house and it take me ages to open it!
My wife got after me for doing that when I was doing the laundry for a while this past summer (she wrecked her shoulder in a bike crash). I kind of like @David76's solution.

People who sign up for forums just to take the piss on others is my current peeve. Had one on another board I frequent.


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Jun 8, 2020
Today 10:21 AM


When people talk too much in the morning. I prefer to emerge over time in relative silence, but chatterboxes just stress me out. It actually feels like an onslaught. Stop talking at me :(

And whistling before midday should be punishable by death
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