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Jun 4, 2020
Today 11:10 AM


Couple of things annoying me today.

Firstly, I ordered a new wireless keyboard and mouse online. It was dispatched last Friday and I still haven't received it. My tracking app said it had been collected by the courier on Saturday and was on route. On Tuesday, the app updated to say they couldn't deliver it and I needed to contact the sender immediately. Did this, the sender said they would create a case file and find out what was going on and get back in touch with me within 36 hours. I'm still waiting.

Secondly, somewhat trivial but I've been reading through comments and suggestions on (our forum software) about an upcoming major software update and, to be honest, I just want to tell them all to shut the fuck up. Never seen so much pettiness. If some of these people are forum admins I dread to think what their forums are like. I honestly think most of them want the software tailored to their needs and their needs only.

What has annoyed you today?


Feb 4, 2021
Today 11:10 AM


I’m making mashed potatoes. All the potatoes cut up into same sized chunks. Boiling away for the last 40 minutes or so. Checking them regularly.

Pierce a few and they’re done to perfection, so I strain them, add some butter and start mashing. All good, until I suddenly hit one potato that is hard as a rock and not cooked through. How did this one manage to survive the cooking process? Even its other half was cooked properly.


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Jul 5, 2020
Today 11:10 AM


How Google Chrome on my phone changed the way tabs work, so the tabs now go into a group. I hate it so much.
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Son Of Jack
Son Of Jack commented
To disable the tab grid layout in Google Chrome on Android, you'll first need to navigate to chrome://flags in the browser. Once there, search for “grid” and locate the “Tab Grid Layout” flag. Then, tap on the drop-down menu button and select “Disabled” from the following list.

How to Enable or Disable Tab Groups in Google Chrome
Open Google Chrome.
Copy and paste the link below into the address bar of Chrome, and press Enter. chrome://flags/#tab-groups.
Select Default (same as disabled), Enabled, or Disabled in the Tab Groups drop menu for what you want. ( ...
Click/tap on the Relaunch Now button at the bottom to apply.


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Jul 9, 2020
Today 11:10 AM


Ordered a click and collect from Pets At Home because I thought it would be like Tesco Click and Collect. Stay in your car, they bring the thing out, you put it in your car and off you pop.

How naive of me.

I had to wait around inside the store for someone to go get my order when I could've more easily walked to the shelf and pick it up. I would've been in and out of the shop faster. So what's the point of the click and collect service then?


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Jun 4, 2020
Today 11:10 AM


People that randomly, suddenly, and casually - taking it upon themselves to walk across the road in front of cars.

Not even looking left or right. No acknowledgment, warning, signal, nothing.

Putting the complete onus on the car driver for their safety.

I think it is the nonchalance that annoys me the most.
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