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4 Jun 2020
Today 9:19 PM


Xbox Game Pass Quests has moved away from game-focused tasks and towards exploration of the large library across daily, weekly and monthly periods.
Our goal with the Quests program is to help you discover and try new games and be rewarded for playing the Xbox Game Pass games you love. We heard your feedback about improving Quests and making this a better experience while gaming, so you can now play any Xbox Game Pass console game to earn points. We’ll still have Quests around specific games, so Quests will continue to be a great way for you to discover games you may not have tried yet.
There are still quests specific to certain games but there will also be generic daily, weekly and monthly quests to complete that will earn players Microsoft Rewards points which can be used in the Microsoft Store.

To check new quests out on the Xbox One, head to Achievements > See all my Achievements > Compare Games > Stats. The Xbox Game Pass app is also available on iOS and Android devices and will be able to check via the Quests section of the app.


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7 Jun 2020
Today 9:19 PM


Microsoft has announced a string of games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass.

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 23-27-39 Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass Bloodroots, Farming Simulator ...png

8th July sees Dragon Quest Builders 2 (cloud) hit the subscription service, as well as Tropico 6 (cloud, console and PC), and UFC 4 (console) via EA Play.

15th July adds Bloodroots (cloud, console and PC), Farming Simulator 19 (cloud, console and PC), and The Medium (cloud).

Satirical dungeon crawler Going Under is in Xbox Game Pass (cloud, console and PC) now.

Microsoft said this is its first round of July Xbox Game Pass announcements, so expect more to come later this month.

A raft of games are leaving Xbox Game Pass soon. On 14th July, EA Sports UFC and EA Sports UFC 2 will both be delisted from EA Play, and so also exit Xbox Game Pass.

Then, on 15th July, Endless Space 2 (PC), Downwell (PC) and CrossCode (cloud, console and PC) all leave Xbox Game Pass.


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7 Jun 2020
Today 9:19 PM


Microsoft has announced the latest round of games coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, The Ascent, and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass to round out the month of July

Available from today is Battlefield 5 via the cloud with EA Play, and Cris Tales for cloud, console, and PC.

Just released today, in Cris Tales, you play as Crisbell, a newly awoken time mage. The game is an era-bending JRPG where past, present, and future come together. In it, you can use Crisbell’s ability to slip between time periods to both aid citizens across the kingdoms and perform surprise attacks on enemies.

Coming July 22 is Atomicrops for cloud, console, and PC. In this action roguelite you must defend and cultivate the last farm in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You will tend to mutated crops, can marry someone from the town, collect cats, and battle invading mutants.

Also coming July 22 is Raji: An Ancient Epic for cloud, console, and PC. Here you will take on the role of
Raji, a young girl touched by the gods in her quest to defend the human realm from demonic beings who have started a great war. While fighting demons you will also be trying to find your brother, from which you have become separated.

Last Stop is coming to cloud, console, and PC on the same day. Developed by Variable State and releasing day one on the service, the game is a single-player, third-person adventure set in present-day London. In it, you play as three separate characters whose worlds “collide in the midst of a supernatural crisis.”

July 26 will see the release of Blinx: The Time Sweeper for cloud and console. Coming to Xbox Game Pass to celebrate 20 Years of Xbox, the classic 4-dimensional game stars an anthropomorphic cat called Blinx. Using a vacuum cleaner which he uses to control time, Blinx is on a mission to prevent the end of the world and save its princess from the Tom-Tom Gang. The game was originally released for the Xbox in 2002.

That same day, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge is coming to cloud and console. Another game celebrating 20 Years of Xbox, the aerial combat game is set in an alternate 1930s world where you will pilot your aircraft against air pirates and large war zeppelins. The game focuses on the adventures of Nathan Zachary, who is out to avenge the death of his friend Doc.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X/S through Game Pass on July 27, and The Ascent is coming to cloud, console, and PC on July 29.

Lethal League Blaze will arrive on cloud, console, and PC through the service on July 29. The game focuses on an underground league of high-speed ball players where the anti-gravity ball game they play has long been made illegal.

Also coming July 29 to cloud, console, and PC is Omno. Releasing day one on Game Pass, Omno is a single-player game with puzzles, secrets, and obstacles to overcome. It takes place in a world full of ancient wonders and lost civilizations located in forests, deserts, and even the clouds.

Project Wingman comes to PC on the same day. In this flight experience, you will participate in dogfights and strikes while piloting over 20 different aircraft.
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